Popular movies week 4 April 1909

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 04/April - 10/April - 1909. Do you remember Incident from Don Quixote by Georges Mlis or A Mala Sinistra starring Joo de Deus ?

Incident from Don Quixote

Directed by: Georges Mlis

Starring: Nobuchika Nakano

Country: United States

A Mala Sinistra

Directed by: Antnio Leal

Starring: Joo de Deus

Country: United States

Et folkesagn

Directed by: Viggo Larsen

Starring: Susanne Friis, Elith Pio

Country: United States

Andreas Hofer

Directed by: Rudolf Biebrach

Starring: Henny Porten

Country: United States

Tu ne tueras point

Directed by: Louis Feuillade

Starring: Rene Carl, Maurice Vinot

Country: United States

Los dos hermanos

Directed by: Ricardo de Baos

Starring: Adela Carbon, Juan Catal, Ana Quijada

Country: United States


Directed by: Curt Bois

Starring: Alice Tissot, Rene Carl, Christiane Mandelys

Country: United States

La princesse d'Ys

Directed by: tienne Arnaud

Starring: Alice Tissot, Maurice Vinot

Country: United States

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