Popular movies week 9 February 1908

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 09/February - 15/February - 1908. Do you remember Desdemona by Franz Porten or The Doctor's Experiment starring L. Frank Baum, Frank Burns, George E. Wilson ?

The Doctor's Experiment

Starring: L. Frank Baum, Frank Burns, George E. Wilson

Country: United States

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Directed by: Franz Porten

Starring: Henny Porten

Country: United States

Don Álvaro o la fuerza del sino

Directed by: Narciso Cuys

Starring: Jaime Borrs, Joaqun Carrasco

Country: United States

The Big Man

Directed by: Aleksandr O. Drankov

Starring: Andr Le Somptier, Alice Tissot

Country: United States

Donnerwetter, tadellos

Directed by: Henry Bender

Starring: Felice Minotti

Country: United States

The Terrible Hyderabad Floods

Starring: Susanne Friis, Elith Pio

Country: United States

Barberaren i Sevilla

Starring: Vladimir Davydov, V. Garlin, A. Novinskij

Country: United States

The Lady Athlete; or, Jiu Jitsu Downs the Footpads

Directed by: Alf Collins

Starring: Madame Garrud

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