Financial news on April 14th, 2010

Business and Financial news
A Modest Gain as Investors Digest Earnings Reports

Wall Street traders took in the first batch of quarterly earnings reports on Tuesday, but nobody seemed quite sure what to make of the numbers, The New York Times reports. Read more..

By DEALBOOK - The New York Times

An Insurer’s New Approach to Diabetes

A clinically tested program, in which losing 5 percent of body weight cut the risk of Type 2 diabetes by more than half, will be expanded to Y.M.C.A.’s in seven cities. Read more..

By REED ABELSON - The New York Times

Bill Would Require Derivatives Trading to Occur on Exchanges

Senator Blanche Lincoln said she would introduce a bill requiring centralized exchange for trading of all derivative contracts. Read more..

By EDWARD WYATT - The New York Times

Chipping Away at the Corporate Debt Wall

Some companies are getting ahead of the due date of their debt by refinancing now, while investors are eager. Read more..

By AGNES T. CRANE and ANTONY CURRIE - The New York Times

G.O.P. Takes Aim at Plans to Curb Finance Industry

Senator Mitch McConnell and Republicans criticized a bill as arrogant, but Democrats accused Republicans of trying to prevent tougher policing of Wall Street. Read more..


In Germany, Legal Challenge Planned Over Greek Aid

A German economist plans to launch a legal challenge at the Constitutional Court against the euro zone aid package for Greece agreed by finance ministers at the weekend, a German newspaper reported. Read more..

By DEALBOOK - The New York Times

Local TV Stations in Venture for Mobile Programming

The venture, including NBC, Fox and others, said they would contribute broadcast spectrum for a national service. Read more..

By BRIAN STELTER - The New York Times

Palm Climbs After Harbinger Buys 9.5% Stake

Shares of Palm climbed as much as 10 percent on Wednesday after Harbringer Capital Partners disclosed that it had acquired a 9.5 percent stake in the company. But Palm later gave up much of its earlier gains. Read more..

By DEALBOOK - The New York Times

Soros Says Bank ‘Oligopoly’ Should Be Broken

George Soros, the billionaire financier, called for the “oligopoly” formed by the four biggest U.S. banks “to be broken up,” Bloomberg News reported. Read more..

By DEALBOOK - The New York Times

Wall Street Ramps Up Hiring as Profits Rebound

Wall Street is hiring again, with those most in demand including traders of exotic financial investments such as derivatives, and risk managers whose job it is to keep companies from repeating the reckless bets that nearly toppled the financial system 18 months ago, The Associated Press reported. Read more..

By DEALBOOK - The New York Times

Stock Markets

Values are reported in US Dollars

StockTicker symbolOpenHighLowCloseVolume
General ElectricGE19,2119,4019,0119,3582M
JPMorgan ChaseJPM47,4047,9346,7847,7372.5M
Wells Fargo & Co.WFC32,4633,4232,3533,2854.4M
Cisco SystemsCSCO26,6326,9326,5626,8844.6M
Verizon CommunicationsVZ30,0530,0529,6529,8544.2M
Oracle Corp.ORCL26,3426,5026,2026,3827.9M
AT&T Inc.T26,1726,2426,0226,2427.7M
Home DepotHD34,3235,0734,3034,9824.7M
Abbott LaboratoriesABT52,4252,4651,9352,3119M
UnitedHealth GroupUNH32,1132,1230,9431,0516.5M
Wal-Mart StoresWMT54,6354,9154,3454,6414.7M
Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY25,9125,9625,5925,7013.5M
HP Inc.HPQ54,0254,6453,9554,5212M
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ65,4365,6065,1865,4910.5M
Walt Disney & Co.DIS35,8936,2135,7736,209.27M
International Business MachinesIBM129,73131,42129,46131,258.55M
Gilead SciencesGILD45,9346,6245,8046,068.41M
Procter & GamblePG62,9263,2362,7163,197.69M
Union PacificUNP76,6277,5576,2977,065.45M
United TechnologiesUTX73,3374,0573,1374,003.38M
Berkshire HathawayBRK.B80,5681,0580,2780,893.27M
Exchange Rates of April 14th, 2010
CurrenciesExchange Rates
US DollarJapanese Yen1 USD = 93,260 JPY1 JPY = 0,011 USD
US DollarCanadian Dollar1 USD = 0,999 CAD1 CAD = 1,001 USD
US DollarSwiss Franc1 USD = 1,052 CHF1 CHF = 0,951 USD
US DollarChinese Yuan1 USD = 6,827 CNY1 CNY = 0,146 USD
EuroJapanese Yen1 EUR = 127,310 JPY1 JPY = 0,008 EUR
EuroPound Sterling1 EUR = 0,882 GBP1 GBP = 1,133 EUR
EuroAustralian Dollar1 EUR = 1,459 AUD1 AUD = 0,685 EUR
EuroCanadian Dollar1 EUR = 1,363 CAD1 CAD = 0,734 EUR
EuroSwiss Franc1 EUR = 1,436 CHF1 CHF = 0,697 EUR
EuroChinese Yuan1 EUR = 9,319 CNY1 CNY = 0,107 EUR
Japanese YenPound Sterling1 JPY = 0,693 GBP1 GBP = 1,443 JPY
Japanese YenAustralian Dollar1 JPY = 1,146 AUD1 AUD = 0,873 JPY
Japanese YenCanadian Dollar1 JPY = 1,071 CAD1 CAD = 0,934 JPY
Japanese YenSwiss Franc1 JPY = 1,128 CHF1 CHF = 0,887 JPY
Pound SterlingAustralian Dollar1 GBP = 1,653 AUD1 AUD = 0,605 GBP
Pound SterlingCanadian Dollar1 GBP = 1,544 CAD1 CAD = 0,648 GBP
Pound SterlingSwiss Franc1 GBP = 1,626 CHF1 CHF = 0,615 GBP
Pound SterlingChinese Yuan1 GBP = 10,546 CNY1 CNY = 0,095 GBP
Australian DollarCanadian Dollar1 AUD = 0,934 CAD1 CAD = 1,071 AUD
Australian DollarSwiss Franc1 AUD = 0,983 CHF1 CHF = 1,017 AUD
Australian DollarChinese Yuan1 AUD = 6,386 CNY1 CNY = 0,157 AUD
Canadian DollarSwiss Franc1 CAD = 1,053 CHF1 CHF = 0,950 CAD
Canadian DollarChinese Yuan1 CAD = 6,834 CNY1 CNY = 0,146 CAD
Swiss FrancChinese Yuan1 CHF = 6,488 CNY1 CNY = 0,154 CHF

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