Financial news on February 15, 2019

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As Uber Prepares for I.P.O., Its Losses Pile Up

The ride-hailing giant said that excluding certain costs, its losses increased significantly in the fourth quarter of 2018. Read more..

By KATE CONGER and MIKE ISAAC - The New York Times

Big Investors Shed Tech Stocks as Markets Tumbled Last Quarter

The sell-off is the latest evidence of how quickly investors soured on Big Tech late last year. Read more..

By STEPHEN GROCER - The New York Times

China and U.S. to Continue Trade Talks Next Week

Both sides said “progress” had been made in the talks but deep disagreements remain ahead of the March deadline set by leaders of both countries. Read more..


Northern Virginia Is Keeping Amazon’s 25,000 Jobs, and Wants You to Know It

The region has its act together and knows what it is doing, officials said. Read more..

By CECILIA KANG - The New York Times

Tempted by Holiday Car Sales? Be Ready for Higher Prices

Part of the increase in cost is the result of the “trickle-down” of luxury features, one car expert says. Safety features are also adding to the price. Read more..

By ANN CARRNS - The New York Times

The Power of Raw, Honest Stories About Money

Gaby Dunn, Chanel Reynolds and Vicki Robin were born decades apart. But their books about money have a common thread: Talk about it way, way more often. Read more..

By RON LIEBER - The New York Times

Toys ‘R’ Us Tries to Rise From the Ashes. Wary Partners Try Not to Get Burned.

The company’s liquidation last year left many people in the toy industry bitter. Now, an attempted comeback is being met with skepticism. Read more..

By TIFFANY HSU - The New York Times

Trump Sings Praises of Hannity and Limbaugh in Rose Garden

The president spoke less glowingly of his onetime supporter Ann Coulter and revived his “fake news” mantra in a reply to Jim Acosta of CNN. Read more..

By EDMUND LEE - The New York Times

U.S. Airlines to Offer New Gender Options for Non-Binary Passengers

American, Delta and United are among the carriers planning to allow passengers to choose something other than ‘male’ or ‘female’ when buying their tickets. Read more..

By ZACH WICHTER - The New York Times

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