Financial news on November 18th, 2006

Business and Financial news
A.I.G. Is Subpoenaed in U.S. Inquiry

The investigation focuses on whether banks and financial firms conspired to rig bids for local government investment deals. Read more..

By BLOOMBERG NEWS - The New York Times

A Paper Jet Recalls Plimpton, if Not Namath

Harry Hurt III experiences embarrassment and primal fear as he gets ready to play quarterback with the pros. Read more..

By HARRY HURT III - The New York Times

Detroit Goes to Washington, but Doesn’t Make a Sale

The big three automakers got little in the way of immediate relief to address the long-term problems facing the U.S. auto industry. Read more..

By FLOYD NORRIS - The New York Times

How to Find Those Gifts in a Flash

The latest shopping Web sites and a cellphone have become indispensable tools for holiday shoppers. Read more..

By DAMON DARLIN - The New York Times

J.& J. Deal for Stent Maker Clouded by Patent Disputes

Patent battles may keep Conor Medsystems’s stent from reaching the U.S. and could force it out of markets where it has already been approved. Read more..

By BARNABY J. FEDER - The New York Times

Not Always Full Speed Ahead

More phone and cable companies promise high-speed Internet access, but how is a consumer to know? Read more..

By MATT RICHTEL and KEN BELSON - The New York Times

Peter Wensberg, 77, Promoter of Polaroid Camera, Dies

Peter Wensberg raised Polaroid’s profile by promoting and broadening the distribution for its “instant camera.” Read more..

By DENNIS HEVESI - The New York Times

Singapore and Thailand in a Standoff

A legal confrontation is looming over Singapore’s purchase of the communications assets of Thailand’s deposed prime minister. Read more..

By WAYNE ARNOLD - The New York Times

Too Many Chinese Cars, Too Few Chinese Buyers. So Far.

The Chinese automobile market still may not be big enough to support homegrown manufacturers and foreign automakers. Read more..

By KEITH BRADSHER - The New York Times

Universal Music Sues MySpace for Copyright Infringement

Universal filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against MySpace for allowing users to upload and download songs and music videos. Read more..

By JEFF LEEDS - The New York Times

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