Financial news on May 19, 2007

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Americans Put Their Weakening Dollars to Work Overseas

American investors are putting record amounts of money into overseas securities. Read more..

By FLOYD NORRIS - The New York Times

Chief of EGL Raises Buyout Bid Yet Again

James R. Crane raised his buyout offer for the company to $46.25 a share, competing with a $46-a-share offer from the Ceva Group. Read more..

By DOW JONES - The New York Times

Destroying Dow Jones to Save It

The Bancrofts’ neglect has hurt the company they all profess to love and made Rupert Murdoch’s bid possible. Read more..

By JOE NOCERA - The New York Times

F.D.A. Is Delaying Approval of Anemia Drug From Roche

The delay comes as concerns mount about the safety of drugs in its class and provides a temporary reprieve to rival Amgen. Read more..

By ANDREW POLLACK - The New York Times

G.M.’s Mr. Horsepower Has an Electric Conversion

Robert A. Lutz, vice chairman at General Motors, declared that its new hybrid-electric concept car may be among the most important vehicles that G.M. has ever developed. Read more..


Houseguests Who Pay, and Pay Well

A small but growing number of intrepid homeowners have figured out a way to make their prime locations pay. Read more..

By HILLARY CHURA - The New York Times

Internet Giants Vie to Snap Up Web Ad Firms

Microsoft’s $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive signaled its struggle to build an Internet ad business on its own. Read more..

By MIGUEL HELFT - The New York Times

On Third Time Around, Clear Channel Accepts Takeover Bid

Clear Channel agreed to accept a revised buyout offer from Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners. Read more..

By MICHAEL J. de la MERCED - The New York Times

Shock Therapy to Resuscitate Rite-Aid Chain

Mary Sammons, head of Rite-Aid, spoke about recent acquisitions and what it will do to the company’s already heavy debt load. Read more..

By TRACIE ROZHON - The New York Times

Walking Slowly and Carrying a Big Stick

Facing foot surgery, Harry Hurt III crisscrosses Manhattan in pursuit of a walking stick. Read more..

By HARRY HURT III - The New York Times

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