Financial news on June 23rd, 2007

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$3.2 Billion Move by Bear Stearns to Rescue Fund

A hedge fund’s near collapse stems directly from bad bets on subprime mortgages and is the biggest such bailout since 1998. Read more..


Bill Is Offered to Increase Tax on Private Equity

Leading Democrats introduced legislation that would more than double taxes on most of the income earned by partnerships. Read more..


Delphi and U.A.W. Reach Tentative Accord

A vote is anticipated next week on the pact, which will help the auto supplier emerge from bankruptcy protection by cutting wages and benefits. Read more..

By NICK BUNKLEY - The New York Times

Enterprise 2.0 Agnostic

The Enterprise 2.0 bandwagon seems well underway, with the latest sign being a well-sponsored and well-attended three-day conference in Boston this week. Andrew McAfee, an associate professor at the Harvard business school, is credited with coining the term Enterprise 2.0. And the notion is that the Web 2.0 technologies of collaboration and communication — wikis, […] Read more..

By THE NEW YORK TIMES - The New York Times

For Women, a Recipe to Create a Successful Business

A kitchen, known by the Spanish name La Cocina, is a shared-use space created two years ago to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs without assets. Read more..

By LAURA NOVAK - The New York Times

Making Botox Both Medicine and Cosmetic

David E. I. Pyott, president and chief executive of Allergan, discussed the company’s recent developments. Read more..

By BARNABY J. FEDER - The New York Times

Popular But Poor on Facebook

Some of the programmers who wrote applications for Facebook are finding their popularity is costly. Perhaps advertising can help. Read more..

By DAVID F. GALLAGHER - The New York Times

Tech Missionary Shifts Focus

Nobody has done more than Lawrence Lessig to help people understand the effects of technology on the laws governing intellectual property. Read more..

By DAN MITCHELL - The New York Times

Traveling Made a Touch Easier

Between the endless security lines, crowded planes and ever-increasing flight delays, air travel has never seemed more difficult. Read more..

By PAUL B. BROWN - The New York Times

Yet Another Plan for Bell Canada, This One a Recapitalization

An investment banking firm proposed recapitalizing Bell Canada as an alternative to the three competing privatization offers and one takeover bid for the company. Read more..

By IAN AUSTEN - The New York Times

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