Financial news on February 24th, 2007

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A Software Maker Goes Up Against Microsoft

VMware is the early leader in a fast-growing market for virtual-machine software, putting it on a collision course with Microsoft. Read more..

By STEVE LOHR - The New York Times

At Intuit, What Comes After Taxes?

Stephen M. Bennett, Intuit’s chief executive, discussed forays into online banking, health care expense-management software and tax software. Read more..

By DAMON DARLIN - The New York Times

People and Accounts of Note

Webdenda. Read more..

By THE NEW YORK TIMES - The New York Times

Sharing the Wealth at MTV

A decision by MTV Networks to allow other Web sites to embed video clips from its own sites is drawing praise from users. Read more..

By DAN MITCHELL - The New York Times

Some Leveraged Buyout Myths

Why can’t the executives who are running companies involved in the leveraged buyout boom deliver the same success for their shareholders? Read more..

By PAUL B. BROWN - The New York Times

Starbucks Chairman Fears Tradition Is Fading

In an internal memorandum, Howard Schultz said that a drive for efficiency has led to a “watering down of the Starbucks experience.” Read more..

By LESLIE WAYNE - The New York Times

Think Your Social Security Number Is Secure? Think Again

Now there are tools available online to safeguard against the theft of Social Security numbers. Read more..

By DAMON DARLIN - The New York Times

Times Company Nominates Board Member

The New York Times Company has nominated Daniel H. Cohen to its board after Cathy J. Sulzberger chose not to stand for re-election. Read more..

By THE NEW YORK TIMES - The New York Times

U.S. Fugitive Starts Over in Namibia

The former chief executive of Comverse Technology has formed a company in Namibia that will invest in construction, tourism and agriculture. Read more..

By BLOOMBERG NEWS - The New York Times

When Disillusion Sets In

The death of a Quiznos franchise owner illustrates a growing sense of desperation and frustration toward the corporation. Read more..

By JULIE CRESWELL - The New York Times

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