Financial news on August 30, 2014

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After Napa Jolt, Quake-Proofing Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Ann Carrns Your Money Adviser column notes many homeowners, jarred by earthquake in Napa County, Calif, are wondering whether they should buy special earthquake insurance, which is generally not covered by homeowner's policies; cites questions to consider when buying earthquake protection. Read more..

By ANN CARRNS - The New York Times

Alibaba to Begin Investor Roadshow in Week of Sept. 8

Under the latest timetable, Alibaba will hope to price its stock sale toward the later half of the week of Sept. 15, a person briefed on the matter said. Read more..

By MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED - The New York Times

Chelsea Clinton to Leave Well-Paid NBC News Job

Chelsea Clinton says that she will leave her position as NBC News special correspondent, less than three years after she embarked on a new and lucrative career; says she will focus on philanthropic work at the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Read more..

By AMY CHOZICK - The New York Times

Getting a Clear Picture of a Computer Network's Security

It may be impossible to keep hackers out of a computer network. But one company offers a way to monitor threats once they get through the firewall. Read more..

By NICOLE PERLROTH - The New York Times

Hershey Designs Chocolate Kiss Into Its New Logo

Hershey Company is introducing new corporate logo featuring stylized version of chocolate Kiss, one of its most famous chocolate products. Read more..


I.M.F. Board Backs Chief, Under Investigation in France

International Monetary Fund board stands behind director Christine Lagarde, who is facing criminal investigation in France tied to political corruption inquiry dating from 2008. Read more..

By REUTERS - The New York Times

In E-Sports, Video Gamers Draw Real Crowds and Big Money

Professional video gaming is becoming a worldwide spectator sport offering big prizes to competitors and helping the game industry gain even greater cultural and economic clout. Read more..

By NICK WINGFIELD - The New York Times

Spending Falters, but Consumer Confidence Reaches a 7-Year High

Commerce Dept says consumer spending fell in July for first time in six months, but measure of confidence among households hit seven-year high in August; report shows a sharp acceleration in factory activity in the Midwest, further sign that the economy remains on solid ground. Read more..

By REUTERS - The New York Times

Top Bitcoin Proponent to Plead Guilty to Federal Charge

Charles Shrem, a leading backer of Bitcoin, is to plead to one federal count of aiding and abetting an unlicensed money transmitting business. Read more..

By SYDNEY EMBER - The New York Times

Using Gambling to Entice Low-Income Families to Save

A growing number of credit unions and nonprofit groups are using lotteries to encourage low-income families to save. Read more..

By PATRICIA COHEN - The New York Times

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