Popular movies week 2 December 1923

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/December - 08/December - 1923. Do you remember Trilby by James Young or One Exciting Day starring Billy Engle, Jack Earle ?

Colonel Heeza Liar, Strikebreaker


Directed by: James Young

Starring: Andrée Lafayette, Creighton Hale, Arthur Edmund Carewe, Philo McCullough

One Exciting Day

Directed by: Albert Herman

Starring: Billy Engle, Jack Earle

The Drivin' Fool

Directed by: Robert Thornby

Starring: Wally Van, Alec B. Francis, Patsy Ruth Miller, Wilton Taylor

So This Is Hollywood

Directed by: Henry Lehrman

Starring: George O'Hara, Mary Beth Milford, Al Cooke, Louise Lorraine

The Payroll Thief

Directed by: Nat Ross

Starring: Jack Mower, Elinor Field

The Constable's Move

Directed by: H. Manning Haynes

Starring: Charles Ashton, Johnny Butt

Golden Gems

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