Popular movies week 2 February 1941

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/February - 08/February - 1941. Do you remember Dance, Girl, Dance by Dorothy Arzner, Roy Del Ruth or Kora Terry starring Marika Rökk, Will Quadflieg, Josef Sieber, Will Dohm ?

Dance, Girl, Dance

Directed by: Dorothy Arzner, Roy Del Ruth

Starring: Maureen O'Hara, Louis Hayward, Lucille Ball, Virginia Field

Kora Terry

Directed by: Georg Jacoby

Starring: Marika Rökk, Will Quadflieg, Josef Sieber, Will Dohm


Directed by: Mehboob Khan

Starring: Surendra, Sardar Akhtar, Lala Yaqoob, Arun

Five Little Peppers in Trouble

Directed by: Charles Barton

Starring: Edith Fellows, Dorothy Anne Seese, Dorothy Peterson, Pierre Watkin

Tugboat Annie Sails Again

Directed by: Lewis Seiler

Starring: Marjorie Rambeau, Alan Hale, Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan

General Suvorov

Directed by: Mikhail Doller, Vsevolod Pudovkin

Starring: Nikolay P. Cherkasov, Aleksandr Khanov, Mikhail Astangov, Apollon Yachnitskiy

Father Is a Prince

Directed by: Noel M. Smith

Starring: Grant Mitchell, Nana Bryant, John Litel, George Reeves


Directed by: Pierre Caron

Starring: Max Dearly, Paulette Dubost, Marguerite Deval, Marcel Vallée

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