Popular movies week 2 March 1941

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/March - 08/March - 1941. Do you remember Cavalcade of Variety by Thomas Bentley or Mindenki mást szeret starring Eszter Szilágyi Szabó, Tivadar Uray, Sári Déry, Zoltán Makláry ?

Cavalcade of Variety

Directed by: Thomas Bentley

Starring: Billy Cotton, Eve Becke, The Four Air Aces, Bobbie 'Uke' Henshaw

Mindenki mást szeret

Directed by: Béla Balogh

Starring: Eszter Szilágyi Szabó, Tivadar Uray, Sári Déry, Zoltán Makláry

Drums of the Desert

Directed by: George Waggner

Starring: Ralph Byrd, Lorna Gray, George Lynn, Willy Castello

The Mummy's Hand

Directed by: Christy Cabanne

Starring: Dick Foran, Peggy Moran, Wallace Ford, Eduardo Ciannelli

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Melody Ranch

Directed by: Joseph Santley

Starring: Gene Autry, Jimmy Durante, Ann Miller, Barton MacLane

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Caravaggio, il pittore maledetto

Directed by: Goffredo Alessandrini

Starring: Amedeo Nazzari, Clara Calamai, Lamberto Picasso, Nino Crisman

Enoken no songokû: songokû zenko-hen

Directed by: Kajirô Yamamoto

Starring: Ken'ichi Enomoto, Akira Kishii, Toshio Kanai, Sadaichi Yanagida

Scattergood Baines

Directed by: Christy Cabanne

Starring: Guy Kibbee, Carol Hughes, John Archer, Dink Trout

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