Popular movies week 2 September 1900

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 02/September - 08/September - 1900. Do you remember Briton vs. Boer by Lewin Fitzhamon or Let Me Dream Again starring Laura Bayley, Tom Green ?

Getting Ready for the Seashore

Briton vs. Boer

Directed by: Lewin Fitzhamon

Starring: Lewin Fitzhamon, Henry G. Shaw

Vue prise d'une plate-forme mobile II

Let Me Dream Again

Directed by: George Albert Smith

Starring: Laura Bayley, Tom Green

Bankoku katsudô daishashin

The Suburban of 1900

After Dark in Central Park

Horsewhipping an Editor

What else happened in that week of 1900?

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