Popular movies week 4 January 1931

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 04/January - 10/January - 1931. Do you remember Old English by Alfred E. Green or Murder for Sale starring Ralph Arthur Roberts, Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch, Heinz Rühmann ?

Old English

Directed by: Alfred E. Green

Starring: George Arliss, Doris Lloyd, Harrington Reynolds, Reginald Sheffield

Murder for Sale

Directed by: Hanns Schwarz

Starring: Ralph Arthur Roberts, Lilian Harvey, Willy Fritsch, Heinz Rühmann

The Honeymoon

Directed by: Erich von Stroheim

Starring: Zasu Pitts, Erich von Stroheim, Fay Wray

The Chinese Bungalow

Directed by: Arthur Barnes, J.B. Williams

Starring: Matheson Lang, Jill Esmond, Anna Neagle, Ballard Berkeley


Directed by: John Francis Dillon

Starring: Otis Skinner, Loretta Young, David Manners, Sidney Blackmer

Tom Sawyer

Directed by: John Cromwell

Starring: Jackie Coogan, Junior Durkin, Mitzi Green, Lucien Littlefield

The Storm

Directed by: William Wyler

Starring: Lupe Velez, Paul Cavanagh, William 'Stage' Boyd, Alphonse Ethier

Der Greifer

Directed by: Richard Eichberg

Starring: Hans Albers, Charlotte Susa, Margot Landa, Karl Ludwig Diehl

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