Popular movies week 6 May 1945

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 06/May - 12/May - 1945. Do you remember The Dawn of Freedom by Gerardo de Leon, Yutaka Abe or Frisco Sal starring Susanna Foster, Turhan Bey, Alan Curtis, Andy Devine ?

The Dawn of Freedom

Directed by: Gerardo de Leon, Yutaka Abe

Starring: Roma Aguirre, Rosa Aguirre, Norma Blancaflor, Angel Esmeralda

Frisco Sal

Directed by: George Waggner

Starring: Susanna Foster, Turhan Bey, Alan Curtis, Andy Devine

He Snoops to Conquer

Directed by: Marcel Varnel

Starring: George Formby, Robertson Hare, Elizabeth Allan, Claude Bailey

Vingt-quatre heures de perm'

Directed by: Maurice Cloche

Starring: George Rigaud, Blanchette Brunoy, Julien Carette, Jean Brochard


Directed by: Zoltan Korda

Starring: Paul Muni, Marguerite Chapman, Larry Parks, Harro Meller

Harmony Trail

Directed by: Robert Emmett Tansey

Starring: Ken Maynard, Eddie Dean, Gene Alsace, Max Terhune

Rockin' in the Rockies

Directed by: Vernon Keays

Starring: The Three Stooges, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard

The Jade Mask

Directed by: Phil Rosen

Starring: Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Edwin Luke, Hardie Albright

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