Popular movies week 7 August 1927

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 07/August - 13/August - 1927. Do you remember The Telephone Girl by Herbert Brenon or Sein größter Bluff starring Harry Piel, Toni Tetzlaff, Lotte Lorring, Albert Paulig ?

The Telephone Girl

Directed by: Herbert Brenon

Starring: Madge Bellamy, Holbrook Blinn, Warner Baxter, May Allison

Sein größter Bluff

Directed by: Henrik Galeen, Harry Piel

Starring: Harry Piel, Toni Tetzlaff, Lotte Lorring, Albert Paulig

Screen Snapshots, Series 7, No. 9

Married Alive

Directed by: Emmett J. Flynn

Starring: Lou Tellegen, Margaret Livingston, Matt Moore, Claire Adams

Dance Magic

Directed by: Victor Halperin

Starring: Pauline Starke, Ben Lyon, Louis John Bartels, Isobel Elsom

The Rambling Ranger

Directed by: Dell Henderson

Starring: Jack Hoxie, Dorothy Gulliver, C.E. Anderson, Monty Montague Jr.

7th Heaven

Directed by: Frank Borzage

Starring: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Ben Bard, Albert Gran

Country: United States

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