Popular movies week 7 July 1963

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 07/July - 13/July - 1963. Do you remember 55 Days at Peking by Nicholas Ray, Guy Green or Critic's Choice starring Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Maxwell, Rip Torn ?

55 Days at Peking

Directed by: Nicholas Ray, Guy Green

Starring: Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, David Niven, Flora Robson

Country: United States

Critic's Choice

Directed by: Don Weis

Starring: Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Maxwell, Rip Torn

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Tomorrow at Ten

Directed by: Lance Comfort

Starring: John Gregson, Alec Clunes, Robert Shaw, Helen Cherry

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The Man from the Diners' Club

Directed by: Frank Tashlin

Starring: Danny Kaye, Cara Williams, Martha Hyer, Telly Savalas

Verführung am Meer

Directed by: Jovan Zivanovic

Starring: Peter van Eyck, Elke Sommer, Blazenka Katalinic, Branimir Tori Jankovic

Villin Pohjolan kulta

Directed by: Aarne Tarkas

Starring: Tamara Lund, Vili Auvinen, Helge Herala, Åke Lindman

Youth of the Beast

Directed by: Seijun Suzuki

Starring: Jô Shishido, Misako Watanabe, Tamio Kawaji, Minako Katsuki

Heavenly Bodies!

Directed by: Russ Meyer

Starring: Ken Parker, Gaby Martone, Marian Milford, Don Cochran

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