Popular movies week 7 November 1937

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 07/November - 13/November - 1937. Do you remember The Broken Jug by Gustav Ucicky, Emil Jannings or Outside the Law starring Luis Arata, José Gola, Irma Córdoba, Susy Derqui ?

The Broken Jug

Directed by: Gustav Ucicky, Emil Jannings

Starring: Emil Jannings, Friedrich Kayßler, Max Gülstorff, Lina Carstens

Outside the Law

Directed by: Manuel Romero

Starring: Luis Arata, José Gola, Irma Córdoba, Susy Derqui

Hot Water

Directed by: Frank R. Strayer

Starring: Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane, Spring Byington, Russell Gleason

La Grande Illusion

Directed by: Jean Renoir

Starring: Jean Gabin, Dita Parlo, Pierre Fresnay, Erich von Stroheim

Country: United States

Music for Madame

Directed by: John G. Blystone

Starring: Nino Martini, Joan Fontaine, Alan Mowbray, Billy Gilbert

Between Two Women

Directed by: George B. Seitz

Starring: Franchot Tone, Maureen O'Sullivan, Virginia Bruce, Leonard Penn

Missing, Believed Married

Directed by: John Paddy Carstairs

Starring: Wally Patch, Julian Vedey, Hazel Terry, Emilio Cargher

San Quentin

Directed by: Lloyd Bacon

Starring: Pat O'Brien, Ann Sheridan, Humphrey Bogart, Barton MacLane

Country: United States

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