Popular movies week 9 January 1916

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 09/January - 15/January - 1916. Do you remember Cartoons on Tour by Raoul Barre or Keno Bates, Liar starring William S. Hart, Herschel Mayall, Margaret Thompson, Louise Glaum ?

Cartoons on Tour

Directed by: Raoul Barre

Starring: Maxine Brown, William Chalfin, Johnnie Walker

Keno Bates, Liar

Directed by: William S. Hart

Starring: William S. Hart, Herschel Mayall, Margaret Thompson, Louise Glaum

Der Herr Apotheker heiratet

Directed by: Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers

Starring: Erika Glässner, Maria Grimm-Einödshofer, Herbert Paulmüller, Leo Peukert


Directed by: Emilio Ghione

Starring: Emilio Ghione, Kally Sambucini

The Bravest of the Brave

Directed by: Allen Curtis

Starring: Max Asher, Gale Henry, Billy Franey, Lillian Peacock

On Dangerous Paths

Directed by: John H. Collins

Starring: Viola Dana, Helen Strickland, William West, Pat O'Malley

The Castle of Thornfield

The Man of Shame

Directed by: Harry Myers

Starring: Wilton Lackaye, Harry Myers, Rosemary Theby, Evelyn Dubois

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