Popular movies week 10 April 1910

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 10/April - 16/April - 1910. Do you remember Sonho de Valsa by Jos Gonalves Leonardo or The Crime of a Grandfather starring Suzy Prim, Suzanne Privat, Sverin-Mars ?

Sonho de Valsa

Directed by: Jos Gonalves Leonardo

Starring: Luis Bastos, Antnio Cataldi, Maria da Piedade

Country: United States

The Crime of a Grandfather

Directed by: Lonce Perret

Starring: Suzy Prim, Suzanne Privat, Sverin-Mars

Country: United States

By Order of Napoleon

Directed by: Theo Frenkel

Starring: Giovanni Grasso Sr.

Country: United States

His Brother's Wife

Directed by: Theo Bouwmeester

Starring: Clays Hansen, Amlie Kierkegaard, Ernst Munkeboe

Country: United States

Isshin tasuke

Directed by: Matsunosuke Onoe

Starring: Alberto Capozzi, Arrigo Amerio, Oreste Grandi

Country: United States

Et gensyn

Directed by: Johannes Poulsen

Starring: Witold d'Antone, Franz Porten, Henny Porten

Country: United States

Prins Albert in het centrum van Kongo

Directed by: François Evenepoel

Starring: Eliseo Gutirrez

Country: United States

The Household Pest

Directed by: Norma Talmadge

Starring: Philip Bech, Aage Bjrnbak, Alfred Cohn

Country: United States

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