Popular movies week 12 September 1993

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 12/September - 18/September - 1993. Do you remember The Outfit by J. Christian Ingvordsen or The Thing Called Love starring River Phoenix, Samantha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney, Sandra Bullock ?

The Outfit

Directed by: J. Christian Ingvordsen

Starring: Lance Henriksen, Martin Kove, Billy Drago, Rick Washburn

The Thing Called Love

Directed by: Peter Bogdanovich

Starring: River Phoenix, Samantha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney, Sandra Bullock

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Splitting Heirs

Directed by: Robert Young

Starring: Eric Idle, Rick Moranis, Barbara Hershey, Catherine Zeta-Jones


Directed by: S. Shankar

Starring: Arjun, Rajan P. Dev, Prabhu Deva, Gautami


Directed by: Jack Ersgard

Starring: Brian Cousins, Jane Caldwell, Michael Della Femina, Robert Symonds


Directed by: Robert Radler

Starring: Billy Blanks, Kenn Scott, Christine Taylor, John Asher

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Terminator Woman

Directed by: Michel Qissi

Starring: Jerry Trimble, Karen Sheperd, Michel Qissi, Ashley Hayden

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The Untouchables

Directed by: Brian De Palma

Starring: Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, Charles Martin Smith

Country: United States

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