Popular movies week 14 April 1929

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 14/April - 20/April - 1929. Do you remember Believe It or Not by Harold Beaudine or The Shopworn Angel starring Nancy Carroll, Gary Cooper, Paul Lukas, Roscoe Karns ?

Believe It or Not

Directed by: Harold Beaudine

Starring: Frances Lee, Sidney Smith, Billy Engle, Lorraine MacLean

The Shopworn Angel

Directed by: Richard Wallace

Starring: Nancy Carroll, Gary Cooper, Paul Lukas, Roscoe Karns

The Silent House

Directed by: Walter Forde

Starring: Mabel Poulton, Gibb McLaughlin, Arthur Pusey, Gerald Rawlinson

Confessions of a Wife

Directed by: Albert H. Kelley

Starring: Helene Chadwick, Arthur Clayton, Ethel Grey Terry, Walter McGrail

Green's Twentieth Century Faydettes

Paul Tremaine and His Aristocrats

Crooning Melodies

Directed by: Joseph Santley

Starring: Elvira Giersdorf, Irene Giersdorf, Rae Giersdorf

Two Outlaws

Directed by: Henry MacRae

Starring: Jack Perrin, Rex the Wonder Horse, Starlight the Horse, Kathleen Collins

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