Popular movies week 14 August 1921

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 14/August - 20/August - 1921. Do you remember Die Perle des Orients by Karl Heinz Martin or Der Held des Tages starring Ria Jende, Magda Madeleine, Hans Breitensträter, Käthe Haack ?

Acrobatic Flies

Die Perle des Orients

Directed by: Karl Heinz Martin

Starring: Viggo Larsen, Carola Toelle, Tzwetta Tzatschewa, Ferdinand von Alten

Der Held des Tages

Directed by: Rudi Bach

Starring: Ria Jende, Magda Madeleine, Hans Breitensträter, Käthe Haack

Stranger Than Fiction

Directed by: J.A. Barry

Starring: Katherine MacDonald, Dave Winter, Wesley Barry, Wade Boteler

Judge Her Not

Directed by: George Edwardes-Hall

Starring: Jack Livingston, Pauline Curley, Viola Dolan, Noel Kennon

Ai no mukuro

Directed by: Norimasa Kaeriyama

Starring: Tsuzuya Moroguchi, Kunio Gomi, Shin'yô Nara, Nobuko Satsuki

Sheltered Daughters

Directed by: Edward Dillon

Starring: Justine Johnstone, Riley Hatch, Warner Baxter, Charles K. Gerrard

The Ants and the Grasshopper

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