Popular movies week 19 April 1970

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 19/April - 25/April - 1970. Do you remember Airport by George Seaton, Henry Hathaway or The Brutes starring Helga Anders, Klaus Löwitsch, Arthur Brauss, Monika Zinnenberg ?


Directed by: George Seaton, Henry Hathaway

Starring: Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, George Kennedy, Jean Seberg

Country: United States

The Brutes

Directed by: Roger Fritz

Starring: Helga Anders, Klaus Löwitsch, Arthur Brauss, Monika Zinnenberg

The Bear and the Doll

Directed by: Michel Deville

Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Daniel Ceccaldi, Georges Claisse

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The Madam

Directed by: Don Brown

Starring: Sue Peters, Jeff Roberts, Ann Biggs, Tom Lee

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City

Directed by: James Hill

Starring: Robert Ryan, Chuck Connors, Nanette Newman, Luciana Paluzzi

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The Girls from Thunder Strip

Directed by: David L. Hewitt

Starring: Jody McCrea, Maray Ayres, Mick Mehas, Casey Kasem

Mir hat es immer Spaß gemacht

Directed by: Will Tremper

Starring: Barbi Benton, Hampton Fancher, Roman Murray, Broderick Crawford

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Directed by: Sam Peckinpah

Starring: Jason Robards, Stella Stevens, David Warner, Strother Martin

Country: United States

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