Popular movies week 20 December 1925

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 20/December - 26/December - 1925. Do you remember Cured Hams by George Jeske or The Mystic starring Aileen Pringle, Conway Tearle, Mitchell Lewis, Robert Ober ?

Cured Hams

Directed by: George Jeske

Starring: Al Alt, John J. Richardson

Kitay v ogne (Ruki proch ot Kitaya!)

The Mystic

Directed by: Tod Browning

Starring: Aileen Pringle, Conway Tearle, Mitchell Lewis, Robert Ober

Country: United States

Elegantes Pack

Directed by: Jaap Speyer

Starring: Eugen Klöpfer, Mary Odette, Ralph Arthur Roberts, Hanni Weisse

Alice's Tin Pony

Directed by: Walt Disney

Starring: Margie Gay

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Stella Maris

Directed by: Charles Brabin

Starring: Mary Philbin, Elliott Dexter, Gladys Brockwell, Jason Robards Sr.

Assorted Nuts

Directed by: Jack Nelson

Starring: Milburn Morante, Stella Nova, Billy Franey, Louis Fitzroy

Yes, Yes, Nanette

Directed by: Clarence Hennecke, Stan Laurel

Starring: Lyle Tayo, James Finlayson, Grant Gorman, Sally O'Neil

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