Popular movies week 20 July 1919

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 20/July - 26/July - 1919. Do you remember Juan sin ropa by Georges Benoît, Héctor Quiroga or The Little Diplomat starring Marie Osborne, Lydia Knott, William Welsh, Jack Connolly ?

Juan sin ropa

Directed by: Georges Benoît, Héctor Quiroga

Starring: Julio Escarsela, Camila Quiroga, Héctor Quiroga

The Little Diplomat

Directed by: Stuart Paton

Starring: Marie Osborne, Lydia Knott, William Welsh, Jack Connolly

Columbia Highway

Flips and Flops

Directed by: Gilbert Pratt

Starring: Jimmy Aubrey, Oliver Hardy, Richard Smith

Toton the Apache

Directed by: Frank Borzage

Starring: Olive Thomas, Norman Kerry, Francis McDonald, Jack Perrin


Directed by: Lau Lauritzen

Starring: Rasmus Christiansen, Betzy Kofoed, Lauritz Olsen, Elna Spore

Hoot Mon!

Directed by: Hal Roach

Starring: Stan Laurel, Bunny Bixby, Harry Clifton, Caroline Fowler

Vida Nova

Directed by: Nascimento Fernandes

Starring: Nascimento Fernandes, Amélia Pereira

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