Popular movies week 20 March 1921

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 20/March - 26/March - 1921. Do you remember Der Fluch der Hexe by L.M. Zwingenburg or Lidércnyomás starring Margit Lux, Lajos Gellért, Ödön Bárdi, Gusztáv Pártos ?

Der Fluch der Hexe

Directed by: L.M. Zwingenburg

Starring: Magda Sonja


Directed by: Pál Fejös

Starring: Margit Lux, Lajos Gellért, Ödön Bárdi, Gusztáv Pártos

Man vs. Woman

Directed by: Al Christie

Starring: Neal Burns, Dorothy Devore, Harry Edwards, Gino Corrado

Der Tod im Nacken

Directed by: Fred Sauer

Starring: Bernhard Goetzke, Heinrich Peer, Johannes Riemann, Fritz Schulz

Fellow Citizens

Fire Bugs

Directed by: Fred Hibbard

Starring: Harry Sweet, Brownie the Dog

On a Summer Day

Directed by: Albert Austin

Starring: Kalla Pasha, Harriet Hammond, Eddie Gribbon, Tiny Ward


Directed by: Carmine Gallone

Starring: Olga Benetti, Guelfo Bertocchi, Soava Gallone, Ciro Galvani

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