Popular movies week 23 June 1935

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 23/June - 29/June - 1935. Do you remember Mazurka by Willi Forst or The Nut Farm starring Wallace Ford, Betty Alden, Florence Roberts, Spencer Charters ?


Directed by: Willi Forst

Starring: Pola Negri, Albrecht Schoenhals, Ingeborg Theek, Franziska Kinz

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The Nut Farm

Directed by: Melville W. Brown

Starring: Wallace Ford, Betty Alden, Florence Roberts, Spencer Charters

The White Lilac

Directed by: Albert Parker

Starring: Basil Sydney, Judy Gunn, Claude Dampier, Percy Marmont

Biography of a Bachelor Girl

Directed by: Edward H. Griffith

Starring: Ann Harding, Robert Montgomery, Edward Everett Horton, Edward Arnold

Paris in Spring

Directed by: Lewis Milestone

Starring: Mary Ellis, Tullio Carminati, Ida Lupino, Lynne Overman

Village Tale

Directed by: John Cromwell

Starring: Randolph Scott, Kay Johnson, Arthur Hohl, Robert Barrat

So Red the Rose

Directed by: King Vidor

Starring: Margaret Sullavan, Walter Connolly, Randolph Scott, Janet Beecher

Our Little Girl

Directed by: John S. Robertson

Starring: Shirley Temple, Rosemary Ames, Joel McCrea, Lyle Talbot

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