Popular movies week 24 April 1921

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 24/April - 30/April - 1921. Do you remember Desire by F.W. Murnau or Nemesis starring Ida De Bonis, Soava Gallone, Ciro Galvani, Carlo Gualandri ?


Directed by: F.W. Murnau

Starring: Conrad Veidt, Gussy Holl, Eugen Klöpfer, Margarete Schlegel


Directed by: Carmine Gallone

Starring: Ida De Bonis, Soava Gallone, Ciro Galvani, Carlo Gualandri

Jasamine Freckel's Love Affair

Directed by: P.J. Ramster

Starring: Nancy Simpson, Annie Parsons, Elsa Granger, Lydia Rich

The Empty House

Directed by: Maurice Elvey

Starring: Eille Norwood, Hubert Willis, Austin Fairman, Cecil Kerr

Die Gassenkönigin

Directed by: Ernst Mölter

Starring: Traute Trauneck, Else Andresen, Arthur Beder, Gertrude De Lalsky

The Wireless Wire-Walkers

Mr. Fatima

Directed by: Scott Sidney

Starring: Eddie Barry, Earle Rodney, Helen Darling, Bessie De Litch

Amore in fuga

Directed by: Ermanno Geymonat, Guido Parish

Starring: Marcella Albani, Oreste Firpo, Alberto Pasquali

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