Popular movies week 24 December 1922

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 24/December - 30/December - 1922. Do you remember Hurricane's Gal by Allen Holubar or Treasure Bound starring Lige Conley, Jack White ?

Hurricane's Gal

Directed by: Allen Holubar

Starring: Dorothy Phillips, Robert Ellis, Wallace Beery, James O. Barrows

Treasure Bound

Directed by: Jack White

Starring: Lige Conley, Jack White

The Galloping Kid

Directed by: Nat Ross

Starring: Hoot Gibson, Edna Murphy, Lionel Belmore, Léon Bary

My Dad

Directed by: Clifford Smith

Starring: Johnnie Walker, Wilbur Higby, Mary Redmond, Ruth Clifford

Such Is Life Among the Idlers of Paris

Afraid to Fight

Directed by: William Worthington

Starring: Frank Mayo, Lillian Rich, Peggy Cartwright, Lydia Knott

The Lily of Killarney

Directed by: Challis Sanderson

Starring: Bertram Burleigh, Booth Conway, Betty Farquhar, Alec Hunter

Raiden Tameemon

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