Popular movies week 24 February 1924

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 24/February - 01/March - 1924. Do you remember The Acquittal by Clarence Brown or The Broncho Express starring Clyde Cook, Edgar Kennedy, Christine Francis ?

The Acquittal

Directed by: Clarence Brown

Starring: Claire Windsor, Norman Kerry, Richard Travers, Barbara Bedford

The Broncho Express

Directed by: Clyde Cook

Starring: Clyde Cook, Edgar Kennedy, Christine Francis

The Day of Faith

Directed by: Tod Browning

Starring: Eleanor Boardman, Tyrone Power Sr., Raymond Griffith, Wallace MacDonald

The Lobbygow

The Wild Party

Directed by: Herbert Blaché

Starring: Gladys Walton, Robert Ellis, Freeman Wood, Dorothy Revier

Battling Bates

Directed by: Webster Cullison

Starring: Edmund Cobb, Florence Gilbert, Ashton Dearholt

The Great Outdoors

Directed by: Fred Guiol

Starring: Frank Butler, Laura Roessing, Sidney D'Albrook

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Big Brother

Directed by: Allan Dwan

Starring: Tom Moore, Edith Roberts, Raymond Hatton, Joe King

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