Popular movies week 24 January 1926

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 24/January - 30/January - 1926. Do you remember The Wyoming Wildcat by Robert De Lacey or Salute starring Alyce Ardell, Billy Franey, Eddie Harris, William T. Hayes ?

The Wyoming Wildcat

Directed by: Robert De Lacey

Starring: Tom Tyler, Billie Bennett, Gilbert Clayton, Ethan Laidlaw


Directed by: James D. Davis

Starring: Alyce Ardell, Billy Franey, Eddie Harris, William T. Hayes

The Splendid Road

Directed by: Frank Lloyd

Starring: Anna Q. Nilsson, Robert Frazer, Lionel Barrymore, Edwards Davis

Wandering Fires

Directed by: Maurice Campbell

Starring: Constance Bennett, George Hackathorne, Wallace MacDonald, Effie Shannon

A Man of Nerve

Directed by: Louis Chaudet

Starring: Bob Custer, Jean Arthur, Leon Holmes, David Dunbar

Scrambled Eggs

Directed by: Jess Robbins

Starring: Phil Dunham, Babe London, George Davis, Helen Marlowe

The Pace That Thrills

Directed by: Webster Campbell

Starring: Ben Lyon, Mary Astor, Charles Byer, Tully Marshall

Shôhin eiga-shû: Machi no sketch

Directed by: Kenji Mizoguchi

Starring: Yasunaga Higashibojo, Yoshiko Okada, Hiroki Hoshino, Eiji Takagi

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