Popular movies week 25 July 1926

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 25/July - 31/July - 1926. Do you remember The Cowboy Cop by Robert De Lacey or Careful Please starring Lloyd Hamilton, Marcella Daly, Louise Carver, Stanley Blystone ?

The Cowboy Cop

Directed by: Robert De Lacey

Starring: Tom Tyler, Jean Arthur, Ervin Renard, Frankie Darro

Careful Please

Directed by: Norman Taurog

Starring: Lloyd Hamilton, Marcella Daly, Louise Carver, Stanley Blystone

Die Frau in Gold

Directed by: Pierre Marodon

Starring: Lotte Neumann, Ernö Verebes, Suzanne Pierson, Henri Baudin

Mademoiselle Modiste

Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Starring: Corinne Griffith, Norman Kerry, Willard Louis, Dorothy Cumming

Scared Stiff

Directed by: James W. Horne

Starring: Clyde Cook, Stuart Holmes

Hard Boiled

Directed by: John G. Blystone

Starring: Tom Mix, Helene Chadwick, Heinie Conklin, Phyllis Haver

Feu Mathias Pascal

Directed by: Marcel L'Herbier

Starring: Ivan Mozzhukhin, Marcelle Pradot, Lois Moran, Marthe Mellot

Le voyage imaginaire

Directed by: René Clair

Starring: Dolly Davis, Jean Börlin, Albert Préjean, Jim Gérald

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