Popular movies week 30 July 1950

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 30/July - 05/August - 1950. Do you remember Azahares para tu boda by Julián Soler or So Young So Bad starring Paul Henreid, Catherine McLeod, Grace Coppin, Cecil Clovelly ?

Azahares para tu boda

Directed by: Julián Soler

Starring: Fernando Soler, Sara García, Joaquín Pardavé, Marga López

So Young So Bad

Directed by: Bernard Vorhaus, Edgar G. Ulmer

Starring: Paul Henreid, Catherine McLeod, Grace Coppin, Cecil Clovelly

Under My Skin

Directed by: Jean Negulesco

Starring: John Garfield, Micheline Presle, Luther Adler, Orley Lindgren

The Asphalt Jungle

Directed by: John Huston

Starring: Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen, James Whitmore

Country: United States

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Mon ami Sainfoin

Directed by: Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon

Starring: Pierre Blanchar, Sophie Desmarets, Alfred Adam, Jean Hébey

Faust and the Devil

Directed by: Carmine Gallone

Starring: Italo Tajo, Nelly Corradi, Gino Mattera, Onelia Fineschi

Riders of the Range

Directed by: Lesley Selander

Starring: Tim Holt, Richard Martin, Jacqueline White, Reed Hadley

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Directed by: Alfred E. Green

Starring: Wanda Hendrix, Audie Murphy, Burl Ives, Dean Jagger

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