How long until May 03, 2021 ?

There are 97 days until May 03, 2021

Famous birthdays of May 03
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Holidays and feasts of May 03
  • Saint Apostle James the Lesser
  • Black Madonna of Cz?stochowa Queen and Protector of Poland (since April 1, 1656)
  • Antonia and Alexander (martyrs of 313)
  • Saint Emily Bicchiere (1238 - 1314
  • Saints Eventius and Alexander, Saint Theodulus (martyrs of 119)
Facts of May 03
  • (2015) Yemeni Civil War (2015–present): Yemen officials say that at least 20 members of the Arab coalition have landed in Aden on a 'reconnaissance' mission. (AP via UT San Diego)
  • (2018) Vice President of the United States Mike Pence postpones his trip to Brazil to focus foreign policy resources on Donald Trump's planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. (Reuters)
  • (2010) The Irish Aviation Authority closes Donegal Airport, cancels at least two flights and announces the closure of all airspace in Ireland on Monday due to Icelandic volcanic ash, while British Airports, including some in Scotland, may also be affected due to continued eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull volcano. (Herald Sun) (BBC) (RTÉ)
  • (2001) The United States loses its seat on the U.N. Human Rights Commission for the first time since the commission was formed in 1947.
  • (1987) Miami Herald reports a woman spent Friday and Saturday with Gary Hart