How long until May 08, 2020 ?

There are 32 days until May 08, 2020

Famous birthdays of May 08
More celebrities born on May 08
Holidays and feasts of May 08
  • Saints Wiro, Plechelmus and Otger
  • Saint Macharius of Ghent (died 1012)
  • Parents' Day in South Korea
  • Iris feast of the Region of Brussels capital (in Belgium)
  • VE Day
Facts of May 08
  • (2015) a prison break occurred in the Iraqi town of Al Khalis. More than fifty prisoners escaped in the break, including nine who had been facing terrorism charges. An estimated fifty other prisoners and twelve police officers died in the prison break.
  • (2019) Nine people were killed after the Taliban launches an attack on the Kabul offices of international non-governmental organization Counterpart International. (Al Jazeera)
  • (2011) 2011 Syrian protests:: Syrian forces enter the cities of Homs and Tafas, where anti-government demonstrations were taking place. (BBC) (Al Jazeera)
  • (2011) Flooding along the Mississippi and tributaries has worsened, exceeding record levels since a three day tornado outbreak over a week ago, with ten dead, more than a thousand homes ordered evacuated in Memphis, Tennessee, more than 2,000 in Mississippi state, and about 13% of US refinery output disrupted. (Bloomberg), (Toronto Sun)
  • (1968) Jim (Catfish) Hunter of Oakland Athletics pitches perfect game vs Minnesota Twins (4-0).