How long until May 13th, 2022 ?

There are 114 days until May 13th, 2022

Famous birthdays of May 13th
More celebrities born on May 13th
Holidays and feasts of May 13th
  • Saint Maria Dominica Mazzarello (died 1881)
  • Saint John the Silent
  • Saint Gerald of Villamagna
  • Saint Robert Bellarmine
  • Saint Servatus
Facts of May 13th
  • (2005) Anime Central 8 kicks off today with over 10000 attendees.
  • (2008) Eleven people are killed and 20 wounded in clashes between Iraqi militias and the United States Army in the Sadr City district of Baghdad. (BBC News)
  • (2019) A 36-year-old man is arrested just outside Casa Rosada in Argentina, armed with a handgun, after requesting to hold an interview with President Mauricio Macri. (Perfil)
  • (2010) Sudan asks Interpol to arrest Justice and Equality Movement chief Khalil Ibrahim. (Al Jazeera)
  • (1992) Concrete foundation for ballpark at Gateway (Jacobs Field) is poured.