How long until May 14, 2021 ?

There are 114 days until May 14, 2021

Famous birthdays of May 14
More celebrities born on May 14
Holidays and feasts of May 14
  • St. Carthach the Younger
  • DubsDay in Dublin Ireland (14th of May in 2006).
  • Mother's Day in various countries (second Sunday of May in 2006).
  • Israel - Yom Ha'atzma'ut, or Israeli Independence Day. The observed date of this national holiday is determined by the Jewish Calendar.
  • Paraguay - Flag Day.
Facts of May 14
  • (1903) President Theodore Roosevelt visits San Francisco.
  • (2006) Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia, which has been rumbling for about a month, is shooting out black smoke, volcanic ash and lava, and a volcanic eruption appears to be imminent. Mandatory evacuations are under way. (BBC) (CNN) (Reuters)
  • (2006) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, signs a petition in support of animal testing and condemns the acts of animal-rights extremists. (BBC)
  • (2018) Surabaya bombings: An Indonesian family believed to be connected to the terrorist group Jamaah Ansharut Daulah attacks police headquarters in Surabaya. The attack kills all four perpetrators and injures the perpetrator's daughter, six civilians, and four police officers. (ABC News)
  • (1919) 45th Preakness: Johnny Loftus aboard Sir Barton wins in 1:53.