How long until May 15, 2021 ?

There are 109 days until May 15, 2021

Famous birthdays of May 15
More celebrities born on May 15
Holidays and feasts of May 15
  • Paraguay - Independence Day. Celebrations for the anniversary of the independence begin on Flag Day, 14 May.
  • Nakba Day in Palestinian communities.
  • Roman Empire - Mercuralia in honor of Mercury held.
  • International day of climate changes.
  • International conscientious objectors' day.
Facts of May 15
  • (2009) Shahid Malik resigns as the United Kingdom's Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice. (BBC)
  • (1968) A tornado strikes Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA, at 10 PM, killing 36.
  • (1992) Part of Cruger Avenue in Bronx renamed Regis Philbin Avenue.
  • (1903) US Treasury Department purchases 250,000 ounces of silver for the San Francisco Mint.
  • (2011) The leadership of the IMF, and plans for banking bailouts of European countries, are thrown into disarray. (''The Wall Street Journal'')