How long until May 20th, 2022 ?

There are 117 days until May 20th, 2022

Famous birthdays of May 20th
More celebrities born on May 20th
Holidays and feasts of May 20th
  • Saint Austregisilus
  • Saint Lucifer
  • Saint Theodore of Pavia
  • Saint Bernardine of Siena
  • East Timor National Day.
Facts of May 20th
  • (2011) At least one person is killed and ten people injured following an explosion in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, with a United States consular convoy targeted by the Pakistani Taliban. (Dawn), (Pakistan Tribune), (BBC), (Reuters via Alert Net)
  • (2013) Insurgency in the North Caucasus:: Twin car bombs explode in Makhachkala, capital of the Russian republic of Dagestan, killing 4 and injuring almost 50 others. Hours later authorities announced they have foiled a terror attack in Moscow.(Reuters)
  • (2008) Senator Hillary Clinton of New York wins the Kentucky Democratic primary, 2008. (CNN)
  • (2013) A hot air balloon crashes in Cappadocia, Turkey, killing 2 tourists and injuring another 20. (BBC)
  • (2004) The United States pushes for the UN Security Council to renew Resolution 1487 that would exempt U.S. troops and officials from prosecution by the International Criminal Court. (Reuters) (