How long until May 21, 2021 ?

There are 115 days until May 21, 2021

Famous birthdays of May 21
More celebrities born on May 21
Holidays and feasts of May 21
  • Saint Constantine the Great
  • Equals-to-the-Apostles
  • Saints Constantine and Helena
  • Saint Mireille
  • Saint Charles-EugFne de Mazenod
Facts of May 21
  • (1991) Former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi is assassinated by a female suicide bomber near Madras.
  • (2011) Sudanese invasion of Abyei:: Southern Sudan says forces from Sudan have attacked the disputed Abyei border region. (Reuters)Abyei is reported to have been taken under the control of soldiers from the North, with the United Nations confirming events. (BBC)The United Nations Security Council cancels a visit to the Sudan’s Abyei region. (Voice of America)
  • (1959) Gypsy opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 702 performances
  • (2019) Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. announces that it will purchase Peloton Therapeutics Inc. for $1.05 billion in cash. The catalyst for the deal is Peloton's recent progress in the development of a kidney cancer treatment. (Reuters)
  • (1983) Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB, for mating for STS-7 mission