How long until May 24th, 2022 ?

There are 122 days until May 24th, 2022

Famous birthdays of May 24th
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Holidays and feasts of May 24th
  • Aldersgate Day (Methodism).
  • Canada: Victoria Day, on this date or the Monday before it. In Quebec, it is known as National Patriotes Day (JournTe nationale des patriotes). The holiday is often referred to as "May Two-Four," -- a "two-four" being slang for a case of beer with 24 bottles or cans.
  • Bermuda: Bermuda Day.
  • Eritrea: National Day.
  • Macedonia: Saints Cyril and Methodius Day celebrated as Macedonian Script and Culture Day.
Facts of May 24th
  • (1984) Wiz opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC for 13 performances
  • (1980) The International Court of Justice calls for the release of United States embassy hostages in Tehran, Iran. The hostages would not be freed until the following January.
  • (2010) Operation Herrick:: Colonel Bob Seddon resigns as principal ammunition technical officer of the Royal Logistic Corps citing concerns about "the pressures on his team operating in Afghanistan". (Sky News) (The Daily Telegraph) (The Hindu) (Hindustan Times)The widow of an army bomb disposal expert killed there in October admits her husband was under relentless pressure and his elite unit "badly overstretched". (Reuters)
  • (1948) Arab : Israeli War: Egypt finally captures the Israeli kibbutz of Yad Mordechai, but the five-day effort gives Israeli forces time to prepare enough to stop the Egyptian advance a week later.
  • (2006) Disgruntled former soldiers and government troops clash in East Timor, leading to at least two deaths in Dili. Australians evacuate as violence escalates. (CNN), (Daily Telegraph) As requested by the East Timor government, at least four countries, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Malaysia, are sending in troops in an effort to maintain order. (CNN)