How long until May 25th, 2022 ?

There are 126 days until May 25th, 2022

Famous birthdays of May 25th
More celebrities born on May 25th
Holidays and feasts of May 25th
  • Ancient Latvia - Urbanas Diena observed
  • Saint Reinolf
  • Saint Marie-Madeleine-Sofie Barat (died 1865)
  • Virginia - Confederate Memorial Day (1868)
  • Argentina - Day of May Revolution/National Day (1810)
Facts of May 25th
  • (2017) Rocket Lab launches its 3D-printed Electron rocket on a test flight from Māhia Peninsula in New Zealand. This is the first launch from New Zealand and the first from a private facility. Electron is 17 meters high, is intended for frequent launches of small payloads, and costs $5 million per liftoff. SpaceX's Falcon 9 stands at 70 meters, carries up to 22,800 kilograms to the ISS, and costs $62 million per launch. (BBC) (Smithsonian)
  • (1981) Daniel Goodwin scales outside of Chicago's Sears Tower in 7 hours.
  • (2010) May 2010 Central European floods:
  • (1915) China agrees to Twenty-One Demands.
  • (1992) In Australia, Lindy Chamberlain receives compensation for wrongful conviction on murder charges.