How long until May 28, 2021 ?

There are 127 days until May 28, 2021

Famous birthdays of May 28
More celebrities born on May 28
Holidays and feasts of May 28
  • Feast day of the following saints in the Roman Catholic Church: Germain of Paris
  • Republic Day in Azerbaijan and Armenia (both 1918).
  • Lanfranc
  • Bernard of Menthon
  • Augustine of Canterbury
Facts of May 28
  • (1956) US President Dwight Eisenhower signs farm bill allowing government to store agricultural surplus.
  • (2015) The Hellenic Coast Guard rescues 218 migrants off the coast of Greece who sailed illegally from Turkey making the total number of people arriving more than 1,500 in a week. (AFP via Daily Star)
  • (2019) Huawei files for a summary judgment, seeking to expedite its March lawsuit against the U.S. Government, challenging the constitutionality of Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act that bans U.S. executive government agencies from procuring Huawei and ZTE telecommunications equipment based on national security. (CNBC) (CNN)
  • (1966) Ballad Of Irving by Frank Gallop hits #34
  • (2012) Colombian armed conflict (1964–present):The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) releases a video proving that Romeo Langlois, a French reporter they kidnapped on 28 April 2012, is still alive. (Reuters)