How long until May 29, 2020 ?

There are 54 days until May 29, 2020

Famous birthdays of May 29
More celebrities born on May 29
Holidays and feasts of May 29
  • Nigeria: Democracy Day.
  • Saint Theodosia
  • Bah�'f Faith: Ascension of Bah�'u'llah.
  • United Kingdom: Oak Apple Day.
  • Venezuela: Tree Day.
Facts of May 29
  • (1978) Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Golden Lights Golf Championship.
  • (2018) Four Libyan leaders – Fayez al-Sarraj, Khalifa Haftar, Aguila Saleh and head of the Council of State Khaled al-Mishri – endorse a statement calling to hold "credible, peaceful" elections on 10 December. (The Guardian)
  • (2014) Rebels in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slovyansk say they are holding four missing Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe monitors and the observers may be released soon. (BBC) (AP via Yahoo! News)
  • (2011) At least 10,000 people protest in central Belgrade against the arrest of Ratko Mladić. (Al Jazeera)
  • (2017) Eighteen people, including two opposition leaders, Henrique Capriles and Carlos Paparoni, are injured in Caracas as security forces stop protestors from reaching the government ombudsman's office. (Reuters) (AP)