December 2018 calendar

December 2018

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in December 2018.
The US president was Donald John Trump (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Theresa May (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on December 2018: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of December 2018?


  • 01 Dec 2018 2018 Anchorage earthquake: More Than 1,000 aftershocks shake Alaska following a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that knocked out power and tore through buildings in Anchorage.
  • 02 Dec 2018 Afghanistan War (2001-present). A U.S. Air Force strike in Afghanistan kills Mullah Abdul Manan Akhund.
  • 03 Dec 2018 Qatar announces it will be withdrawing from OPEC beginning January 2019, following almost 60 years of membership. This is to allow the country to concentrate on natural gas production.
  • 04 Dec 2018 Operation Northern Shield: Israel announces a plan to remove Hezbollah tunnels along the border between Lebanon and Israel.
  • 05 Dec 2018 Riksbank, the deputy governor of Sweden’s central bank, stated that Sweden is likely to become cashless in the next three to five year.
  • 06 Dec 2018 Near a Chabahar police station, Iran, a car bomb explodes. The attack left around 40 people injured and two police officers dead. Islamic militant group Ansar Al-Furqan claims responsibility. Iran accuses perpetrators being "foreign-backed terrorists".
  • 07 Dec 2018 European migration crisis: Medecins Sans Frontieres rescue ship Aquarius 2 stops migrant rescue operations at the Mediterranean Sea. It cites sustained attacks by European governments on rescue and search efforts, especially in Italy.
  • 08 Dec 2018 Corinaldo stampede - Six people are killed, and many more are injured, as concertgoers rush to get out of a packed Lanterna Azzurra bar in Corinaldo, Ancona Province in Marche, Italy. Pepper spray was reportedly used inside the club.
  • 09 Dec 2018 After a fire broke out in an apartment in Reggio Emilia in Italy, two people were killed and 38 more were hospitalized.
  • 10 Dec 2018 Urjit Patel, Governor of Reserve Bank of India, abruptly resigns.
  • 11 Dec 2018 2018 Strasbourg attack: Two people are killed and 14 more injured in a shooting rampage at Strasbourg's annual Christmas market. Police identify the shooter as an extremist and they flee the scene. This incident is being considered terrorist.
  • 12 Dec 2018 Afghanistan War (2001-present). The Afghan National Army leaves the western Shib Koh District, after the government failed in its duty to replenish troops there. The Taliban now control the district that borders Iran. (Reuters) The Taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that left 12 dead, 8 of them civilians in Kabul.
  • 13 Dec 2018 Conflict in Northern Mali: Around 42 people are killed by Jihadists riding motorcycles in an attack on Tuareg camps in Mali.
  • 14 Dec 2018 Syrian Civil War: According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces retake Hajin, the last major Syrian town that ISIL controlled.
  • 15 Dec 2018 Kashmir conflict: Indian soldiers and counterinsurgency officers exchange gunfire with militants within the southern district Pulwama. One soldier was killed and three others were injured. After the battle ended, soldiers opened fire on anti-government protestors gathered in the area. Seven civilians were killed and 40 more were injured.
  • 16 Dec 2018 2018 Strasbourg attack: A Polish national is killed in an attack on Strasbourg, France by terrorists.
  • 17 Dec 2018 Somali Civil War (2009-present). Six U.S. airstrikes in Somalia over the weekend killed at least 62 Al-Shabaab terrorists, according to The Pentagon.
  • 18 Dec 2018 Russian cargo vessel MV Kuzma Minin is stranded and is then refloated off Gyllyngvase (Cornwall) and brought to Falmouth Bay for inspection by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
  • 19 Dec 2018 American intervention in Syria, Syrian Civil War. The Pentagon reported that it began withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria. A spokesperson for the Pentagon stated that the coalition had liberated ISIL-held territory, but that the campaign is still not over.
  • 20 Dec 2018 In honor of former President Barack Obama, parts of Ventura Freeway in Southern California will be renamed "President Barack H. Obama Highway".
  • 21 Dec 2018 Colombian conflict: A joint military and police operation near Tumaco kills Walter Arizala, an Ecuadorian drug dealer and FARC dissident. Arizala was earlier this year wanted in connection with the assassination of two Ecuadorian journalists.
  • 22 Dec 2018 Somali Civil War: At least 16 people are killed and more than 20 injured by a car bomb in Mogadishu near the presidential palace.
  • 23 Dec 2018 Drone incident at Gatwick Airport: Two people were arrested by police just two days before and released without charge.
  • 24 Dec 2018 The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2.9% on Christmas Eve, marking its worst performance.
  • 25 Dec 2018 War in Afghanistan: According to the Afghan health ministry, at least 43 people were killed in yesterday's attack on Kabul's government building by a suicide bomber with three other gunmen. None of the attackers claimed responsibility.
  • 26 Dec 2018 The first time they have visited a combat zone since becoming president, the unannounced visit of President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump to the Al Asad Airbase in Iraq was post-Christmas.
  • 27 Dec 2018 At least 19 people have been killed in street battles between antigovernment protesters and riot officers in Sudan, with two policemen among them. Hundreds more are also injured. Amnesty International estimates that 37 people have died in the fighting.
  • 28 Dec 2018 Syrian Civil War: The Kurdish YPG asks for Syrian government troops to defend Manbij from what it calls a Turkish invasion.
  • 29 Dec 2018 Egyptian police have killed 40 militants in a retaliation to the roadside bombing that left three Vietnamese tourists dead and one Egyptian tour guide injured.
  • 30 Dec 2018 Afghanistan War: Taliban refuse peace talks with Afghan government
  • 31 Dec 2018 Two people are killed and 34 injured in a bomb blast at a busy shopping center in Cotabato in the Philippines.
  • 01 Dec 2018 The Oulu Police informed the public about the first offence of the much larger child sexual exploitation in Oulu, Finland.


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