Old Newspapers

What the famous newspapers looked like when you were born or got married ? Take the chance to have a look at the historical newspapers for your special day: it can be a perfect commemorative gift for any special occasion such as birthday or key anniversary


Newspapers can offer insight into what the community or even the world was like on any given day. The Guardian, named the Manchester Guardian until 1959, was first published in 1821 as a replacement for the Manchester Observer, which had been shut down by the police... [read more]
The Sunday Pictorial, or Sunday Pic as it is commonly called, was the original name of the Sunday Mirror. National politics and sports were the most common, and the most popular, topics featured in the Sunday Pic, which resonated with readers... [read more]
British newspapers give a cultural insight that may be missed by forms of media such as televisions. The Evening Standard is one of the oldest British newspapers, providing us with a stunning insight into the past... [read more]
As one of the world’s largest newspapers and the “newspaper of record” for the United States, the New York Times can be one of the best places to search for archival material. In fact, the New York Times offers access to archived copies or back issues of its newspapers online... [read more]
The Daily Mirror was originally intended to be a newspaper by and for British women. Launched on 2 November 1903 by Alfred Harmsworth, it was overall unsuccessful. He claimed that “women can’t write and don’t want to read”. The attitudes of the time are reflected in the newspapers, making them the most useful resource for learning more about the past. The Daily Mirror is a perfect example of one of these historic newspapers... [read more]
The largest metropolitan newspaper on the west coast was founded in 1881 by Nathan Cole, Jr. and Thomas Gardiner. The Los Angeles Times offers archival or back issue copies from 1881-present... [read more]
To help advance the repeal of the Corn Laws, James Wilson launched The Economist in 1843. The paper's strict editorial guidelines have helped it become one of the world's premier periodicals on public affairs. [read more]
The brainchild of customs official, Charles Maclaren, and lawyer, William Riche, the weekly version of the Scotsman launched in 1817.The owners hoped to bring a sense of impartiality missing from many other papers at the time... [read more]
In a controversial and somewhat ironic move, the Manchester Evening News began publishing a morning edition in 2004... [read more]
At one time, News of the World was the best-selling English-language newspaper worldwide, and, even at its closure, still sold a record number of English-language publications... [read more]
The first printing of The Sunday Telegraph earned five minutes of airtime on the BBC. It wasn’t the what of The Sunday Telegraph that was a big deal, but, the when... [read more]
W.S. Bourne published the first issue of The Observer on December 4th of 1791. In 2005, The Observer truly joined the 21st century when it released its own blog and podcasts. Nine years later, the world’s oldest Sunday paper still boasts a circulation rate of roughly 200,000.. [read more]

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