March 2017 calendar

March 2017

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in March 2017.
The US president was Donald John Trump (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Theresa May (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on March 2017: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of March 2017?


  • 01 Mar 2017 Afghanistan War (2001-present: 16 deaths and 40 injuries after suicide bombers attacked Kabul. The Taliban claimed responsibility.
  • 02 Mar 2017 Palmyra offensive 2017: The Syrian Army and its Allies Recapture Palmyra from Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant.
  • 03 Mar 2017 2015 Shoreham Airshow crash. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch determined that the crash was caused by a pilot error.
  • 04 Mar 2017 Afghanistan War (2001-present). According to provincial officials, at most eight people were killed and 22 others were injured by a roadside explosive in Farah Province. Locals claim that the attack was an airstrike.
  • 05 Mar 2017 Conflict between Sudanese in South Kordofan & Blue Nile: The Sudan People's Liberation Movement - North releases 127 captives, most of them soldiers from the Sudanese military.
  • 06 Mar 2017 Myanmar's internal conflict: At least 30 people were killed in an attack by the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (Laukkai) on several government buildings, police and military installations. Four other police officers were also taken hostage.
  • 07 Mar 2017 Syrian Civil War: After an ISIL withdrawal, the SAA captured Al-Khafsah and the Syrian Army captured at least 23 villages from ISIL in North East Aleppo Governorate.
  • 08 Mar 2017 War in Afghanistan (2001-present: March 2017 Kabul Attack: Unidentified gunmen disguised as doctors attacked a Kabul military hospital, killing at most 38 people and injuring many more. The attack was claimed by ISIL.
  • 09 Mar 2017 American-led intervention in Syria, Syrian Civil War: According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights), at least 23 civilians were killed in air raids by the U.S.-led coalition in northern Syria's village of al-Matab.
  • 10 Mar 2017 Yemeni Civil War (2015-present). A Saudi-led coalition strikes a market in Al Hudaydah Governorate. At least 20 civilians are killed and six Houthi militants are injured.
  • 11 Mar 2017 Syrian Civil War: At least 40 people are killed, most of them Shia Iraqi pilgrims. More than 100 were injured in twin bombings in Damascus' Bab al-Saghir.
  • 12 Mar 2017 Syrian Civil War: Tahrir al-Sham is al-Qaeda's branch within Syria. It claims responsibility for the twin bombings in Damascus yesterday that left many dead.
  • 13 Mar 2017 Afghanistan War (2001-present: At least one person dies and eight others are injured in a suicide bomber attack on a bus carrying Kabul government employees.
  • 14 Mar 2017 Piratery off Somalia's coast: Somali pirates hijacked the Aris 13 (a United Arab Emirates-owned oil tanker), and kidnapped eight Sri Lankan crewmembers. This is the first hijacking a large commercial vessel in five decades.
  • 15 Mar 2017 Israeli authorities shot into a car while it was ramming at a bus shelter at Gush Etzion Junction, West Bank. Since October 2015, 13 Palestinians and three Israelis were killed. Fatima Jibrin Taqatqa (16) had lost control of her car. The teenager is now in critical condition. (Jewish Press),
  • 16 Mar 2017 Piratery off Somalia's coast: The Somali pirates who hijacked the Aris 13 (a United Arab Emirates-owned oil tanker), released it without condition.
  • 17 Mar 2017 Yemeni Civil War (2015-present), An Apache helicopter fired upon a boat carrying Somali refugees, off the coast Yemen. At least 40 people were killed and 35 others were injured. (Reuters),
  • 18 Mar 2017 Syrian Civil War: Between 1,500 and 2,000 people are leaving al-Waer District of Homs today to go to their destination, either Northern Homs Governorate or Idlib Governorate. In the next few weeks, the district will be evacuated by armed militants and their families. The rest of the population will then return to the area to receive aid and reconcile. (BBC),
  • 19 Mar 2017 New Zealand-United States relations : New Zealand expelled an unnamed diplomat from the United States after he refused to waive immunity in a police investigation.
  • 20 Mar 2017 Iraqi Civil War (2014-2017: A car bomb explodes in Baghdad's Hayy Al-A'amel neighbourhood, killing at least 23 and injuring 45 more.
  • 21 Mar 2017 War in Somalia: At least five people are killed when a car bomb explodes near Villa Somalia, President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed’s official residence in Mogadishu.
  • 22 Mar 2017 2017 Westminster attack: A vehicle-ramming attack was carried out by an attacker outside the Houses of Parliament in London. He then stabbed a police officer before being shot and killed by security forces. At least four people are killed, including the attacker. (BBC), (Sky News),
  • 23 Mar 2017
  • 24 Mar 2017 Insurgency in North Caucasus: Six Chechen soldiers and six militants are killed in an attack at night on a Russian National Guard station in Chechnya.
  • 25 Mar 2017 In twin bombings that struck Sylhet in Bangladesh, four people were killed.
  • 26 Mar 2017 After hitting a powerline near Kramatorsk in Donetsk Oblast and crashing into it, a Mi-2 transport helicopter from Ukraine crashed, killing all five crew members.
  • 27 Mar 2017 The Big Maple Leaf is a Canadian solid gold 1,000,000 dollar coin that weighs 100 kilograms (220 lb) and was stolen from Berlin's Bode Museum.
  • 28 Mar 2017 2017 Congolese police decapitation attacks: Authorities find the remains of two missing U.N. investigators--former Swedish politician Zaida Catalan and U.S. national Michael Sharp--in a shallow grave in the province of Kasai-Central, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Reuters), (BBC),
  • 29 Mar 2017 Turkish military intervention in Syria: The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announces the end of Opera Euphrates Shield. It was an international military operation against ISIL. He added: "Any operation that follows this one will be called something else." (Deutsche Welle),
  • 30 Mar 2017 Syrian Civil War: According the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Syria has more than five million refugees.
  • 31 Mar 2017 War in North-West Pakistan: A bomb explodes near the border to Afghanistan, killing at least 22 and injuring many more.
  • 02 Mar 2017 The elements Moscovium, Tennessine, and Oganesson are officially added to the periodic table at a conference in Moscow, Russia.

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