Birthday search: How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday

There are different ways to find someone's birthday online: from Social Media to Specialised People Search Engines, from Google or Bing to famous birthdays pages (if you want to find out celebrities birthdays)...There are plenty of ways to discover what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve identified the birthday you can easily calculate how old the person is by using our age calculator

Let’s dig in!

Birthday lookup through People Search Engines

People Search Engines can be helpful in finding someone's birthday.

These websites allow you to search for someone by name, location, or other identifying information, and can provide you with their birth date if available.

Birthday lookup and Social Media

Many people include their birth date on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You may be able to locate the person's birthday if you know their name and have access to their social media page. Let’s dig in.

Birthday search on Facebook

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Type the person's name into the search bar at the top of the Facebook page and hit enter.
  3. Look for the person's profile in the search results and click on their name to go to their profile page.
  4. Once on the person's profile page, look for the "About/Information section”
  5. Scroll down to the "Basic Info" section and see if the person has included their birth date. If they have, it will be listed under "Birthday".
  6. If the person has not included their birth date in their profile, you can try sending them a friend request and waiting for them to accept. Once they accept your friend request, their birthday may appear in your Facebook newsfeed or on your calendar (if the person has listed his birthday).
  7. If you're not friends with the person and they have not included their birth date in their profile, you can also try sending them a message and politely asking for their birth date.

Birthday search on Instagram

  1. Sign in to your Instagram account.
  2. Type the person's name into the search bar at the top of the Instagram app and hit enter.
  3. Look for the person's profile in the search results and click on their name to go to their profile page.
  4. While entering your birthday is a required step when registering an Instagram account, Instagram does not make this information public for any users. Still some people may have chosen to highlight it in their bios.
  5. Bios are located right at the top of one’s profile, under their name.

Birthday lookup on Twitter

  1. Sign in to your Twitter’s profile.
  2. Go to the person’s profile using the search function.
  3. Look at the top left hand side of the profile page in the personal information section.
  4. If the person added his/her birth date, it will show there.
  5. Still depending on the settings that the person you’re looking for has selected the birthdate information may be visible only to specific people (ex followers)

Birthday lookup on Linkedin

  1. Sign in to your Linkedin’s profile.
  2. Go to the person’s profile using the search bar.
  3. Select the profile of the person you’re looking for.
  4. Find the “contact info” under the user’s name.
  5. Click on it. You can see the birthday date in the opened box. Please note that depending on the personal settings the birthdate information may not be visible.

Birthday search on Snapchat

To Find someone’s birthday on Snapchat just follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, open the Snapchat app.
  2. Choose "Chat" from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose a friend from your chat history.
  4. Touch the rocket-shaped tiny symbol.
  5. Choose "Birthdays" from the list of possibilities after pressing the "Minis" button.

Snapchat also shows a birthday cake emoji next to users' names on the birthday (if it is specified in their profile).

In addition on Snapchat, when users specify their birthday in their information, a birthday cake emoji will appear next to their name on their actual birthday. To check if your friend has a birthday coming up, simply search for their name in your friend's list and look for the cake emoji next to their name. If you're unsure about the exact date, you may need to check daily for a while to spot the cake emoji.

Birthdate lookup on Tiktok

As of today there’s no easy way to find a person’s birthday on Tiktok. While you can include and edit your personal birthday information in your profile this information is not publicly available unless you chose to make it visible, for example by adding some text in your bio or by posting a video including a reference to your birthdate.

Birthdate search on Pinterest

And what about Pinterest?

Unfortunately, there is no way to search Pinterest for someone's birthday. Unlike other social media networks, Pinterest profiles do not contain a lot of information.

Users can only enter information such as their username, complete name, profile photo, and location, to name a few. This makes finding a date of birth on Pinterest a difficult task.

Birthday search through Search Engines

Birthdate search through Google

Google Search: You may also use Google to look up someone's birthday.

Enter the person's name + the word "birthday" into the search field and see what comes up. Information may be available on social network profiles, news articles, or other websites which have been indexed by Google

Birthdate search through Bing

You can also use Bing to look for someone’s birthday: just type into the Bing search bar the name of the person followed by the word “birthday”.

Bing will present all the pages indexed by the engine which may include information about the person’s birthday.

Birthday lookup through Public Records

To find out someone's birthdate using online public records, first discover credible websites that provide access to public records such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other legal documents.

Many of these websites require a fee to access their records, but some offer free basic information.

Many States provide online databases that contain information such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, court, and other records. Discovering someone's date of birth is simple because it is basic information that is commonly available online.

Once you have located a website, enter the person's name and any other relevant information, such as their city or state of residence, into the search bar.

Review the results for any records that include the person's date of birth or age.

Remember that some records may be limited or require further verification, such as identification proof, before they may be accessed.

It's also critical to make sure you're using the information you acquire legally and ethically.

Birthday search through Social Security Number Reverse search

Feeling like a detective? Well, if you've got someone's social security number, you can use it to find out their birthday for free! Just pop that number into any people finder site, search engine, or public records website, and voila! But wait, don't go snooping around with someone else's SSN, that's illegal and could land you in hot water. So be sure you have a good reason to do it, okay?

Birthday search: Family or Friends

Don’t forget the easiest and simplest way, Ask Family or Friends. If you know the person's family or friends, you can ask them directly for the person's birth date.

It's also important to keep in mind that not all individuals may have their birth date listed online or have public records available.

Additionally, some individuals may choose to keep their birth date private for personal reasons.

Direct approach: creative ways to find out from the Person Themselves

  1. If you've just met someone, don't worry about asking them when their birthday is.

    A simple question like "When's your birthday? What do you usually do to celebrate?" can start a nice conversation and show that you care. And who knows, they might even be happy that you asked!

    For old friends, it's totally fine to admit if you've forgotten their birthday. Just ask them casually like, "Hey, your birthday is coming up soon, right? When is it again?"

  2. To get the conversation going, try mentioning your own birthday and see if it prompts them to share about theirs. You could casually mention something like "I always look forward to my November birthday. It's a nice way to break up the monotony of fall." This could encourage them to open up about their own birthday, or at least the month or general time of year.

    If your own birthday is approaching, you could drop a hint like "My birthday is in just a few weeks!" and see if they mention anything about their own upcoming celebration.

  3. Just ask them about their zodiac sign, and you can narrow down the range of possible dates. Then casually ask something like, "Oh, you're a Sagittarius, does that mean you were born in December?" They'll likely spill the beans on their actual birthday. And if they don't know their sign, you can work your way backwards by talking about the astrological significance of their birthdate. No one will suspect a thing!

  4. Another way is to sneak a peek at their ID! Since people hold onto their IDs with all their might, you might have to get creative to get a glimpse. Try asking to see their ID to verify their age or see if their photo looks like them. Or you could bring up topics related to IDs to get them to show it to you. With a little cleverness, you'll have their birthdate in no time!

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