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List of celebrities and famous people who were born on May 1st

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2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000

  • American daughter of Shaquille O’Neal, a noted father, and Shaunie O’Neal, his wife Shaunie. She is the sixth and third children of the couple.

  • American child of Kobe Bryant, a noted basketball player. Gianna Bryant is the second child of Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant. She was born six months after her father was cleared of all charges of rape.


1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990


1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980

  • Mexican footballer

  • French pop and jazz singer, born in Chambray-Lès-Tours. After the divorce of her parents, she moved to Bordeaux. In the early 2010s, she meets an international audience through Europe, mainly in Germany and Russia, especially with her hit "Je veux".

  • American singer-songwriter/guitarist (d. 2010).

  • Belgian race car driver

1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970

  • Italian player on the Men's Volleyball Team that won a Bronze Medal at Atlanta Olympics, 8/04/1996.

  • WLAF wide receiver (Scotland Claymores).

  • Pelt; NFL quarterback (Buffalo Bills).

  • NFL cornerback (Dallas Cowboys).

  • Australian field hockey goalkeeper (1992, 1996 Olympics - Silver Medalist).

1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960

  • American model TV personality and author

  • American musician (The Smashing pumpkins).

  • German soccer player, who was a participant in the Italian Championship for Milan. Bierhoff retired from active play in 2004 and has been the manager of Germany's men's football team since 29 July 2004. This position is still his in 2014.

  • American Female bodybuilder

  • South Korean actor

  • British royal, daughter of Princess Margaret (and Anthony Armstrong-Jones). Seven-year-old ex-actor Daniel Chatto, a fellow artist and actor, was her husband. They were married in a small, beautiful 17th-century church near St. Paul's. They met in India while working as wardrobe assistants on the 1983 movie "Heat and Dust" and started their relationship in 1986.

  • Dutch speed skater

  • Dutch soccer player (NEC).

  • Princess Margaret's daughter

  • Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon's daughter.

  • Cornerback for the Canadian Football League (Edmonton Eskimos).

  • American murderer.

  • Maia Morgenstern

    Romanian actress

  • American jockey who won 1,704 races between 1976 and 1977. He was the son of a blacksmith, and a trainer-mom. At five years old, he was already riding at full speed. Cauthen, a 16-year-old pro rider, was the "boy wonder" that won 23 of 54 races in one week. He won a record $6.1million in purses at 17 and won …

  • Businessman

  • Nova Scotia, Canada; American canoe (alternate-Olympics-1996).

1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950

  • Cecilia Peck

    American actress, Veronique Passani's daughter is a well-known family member. She has starred in roles in "Forbidden love" (1986) and "Wall Street" (1987).

  • Swiss-born television moderator.

  • Ohio, USA; actor (Detective Zito - Miami Vice).

  • Catherine Frot

    French film and theatre actress, the daughter of an engineer. She was co-founder of La Compagnie du Chapeau Rouge and began her career in 1980 with the film "Mon oncle d'AmA(c).rique". She won the Cesar Award in 1996 for best actress in a supporting part for "Un Air de famille", directed by Cedric Klausisch. She was also nominated for the …

  • Kansas, USA; actor (Warren Coolidge-St Elsewhere).

  • German politician and educator

  • American cartoonist and comic-book artist


1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940

  • American computer programmer and astrologer. He was the head developer of the Kepler and Sirius astrology softwares. He was a practicing astrologer in full-time until he decided to dedicate his time to astrological programming. David came up with new ideas in harmonic and composite astrology, degree meanings, and charts. He was co-founder of the Avalon School of Astrology and is …

  • Scottish politician. He was elected a Member of Parliament on 6/15/1989 to succeed Robert McTaggart who died 3/23/1989.

  • American golfer. Heard won five championships in the 1970s. However, he was struck by lightning while playing in the 1975 Western Open with fellow golfers Lee Trevino, Bobby Nichols and Bobby Nichols. He was severely injured but he recovered and returned the tour. He won the Atlanta Classic in 1978 despite suffering from crippling pain. He never recovered the form …

  • Politician

  • French businessman, who was also the chairman of Soco International (an oil brokerage). He died in Paris, 5 December 2006.

  • rocker (B T Express).

  • Mexican-born Israeli-American theoretical particle physicist (d. 2015.)

  • Joanna Lumley

    British actress, born in Kashmir. She is known for her elegant and statuesque appearance. She is also highly intelligent and well-read. In 1969, her first film of import was "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service". Her TV films include "The New Avengers", which aired August 1976, and "Sapphire and Steel", 1979-1982, and "Absolutely Fabulous", 1992. She was intelligent and well-read. At …

  • Actor (Story Of Adele H).

  • American Astrologer, with metaphysical interests. Author of books about her past lives.

  • Tennessee, USA. Singer ("Higher and Higher", “We're All Alone”).

  • American keyboard player, songwriter and producer (The Imperial Show Band, Booker T. & The M.G. 's) (d. 2007)

  • American singer, recording artist and musician with solo and groups. In the late 1960s, she sang in Memphis radio commercials. She then moved to California with "Friends," which was followed by "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" during 1970's tour. Her first album, Rita Coolidge, was a hit straight away after she signed with A&M. This put her on the map and …


1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930

  • American folk singer, known for her crystal clear soprano for more than 30 years. Judy Collins, the daughter of Charles Collins, a blind singer and Marjorie Collins, was a homemaker and pianist. She made her debut on her father's Denver radio station as a prodigy at classical piano. After growing bored with her classical training, she turned to folk music. …

  • American homicide, who was on the FBI's "10 Most Wanted" list for his crimes. After robbing the bank on January 8, 1969, Bryant shot and killed two FBI agents. Bryant was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole possibility on 11/03/1969.

  • Virginia, USA; news anchor (ABC Evening News).

  • An Italian television announcer and former TV presenter.

  • Canadian pianist composer and conductor

  • Jean-Marie Straub, a French filmmaker, formed a creative duo. Between 1963 and 2006, they made a total of two dozen films. Their films are known for their intellectually stimulating and rigorous style. Both were French but they mostly worked in Germany and Italy.

  • American activist and author

  • Swedish composer and director producer (d. 2014).

  • American jazz pianist and singer (d. 2005).

  • Mexican politician

  • Curacaos poet ("Gedichten in the Bay & Elsewhere")

  • American actress (d. 1983).

  • French economist and politician.

  • French hematologist (physician who specializes in blood diseases)

  • Italian soccer/football player. He was a striker who had a professional career between 1951-1954. Due to a knee injury, he had to be forced to retire early.

  • English admiral (d.2013)

  • American politician and lieutenant 39th Mayor of Los Angeles

  • American football player. He is also an Olympic medal holder in track and field events. He was also a fraternal twin. He played professional football from 1952 to 1966, setting a record for all-purpose play. He also set a league record in career touchdown returns and combined net yards. His two teams, the Rams and Cardinals, both won their seasons. …

  • Los Angeles Rams; Detroit Lions; Philadelphia Eagles

  • Trinity sports Champions

  • American blues singer (d. 1968)

1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920

  • Italian ecclesiastic, a Roman Catholic priest. He was a specialist exorcist, with the highest church authority to carry out church rites in cases where demonic possession is concerned.

  • American astronaut-aquanaut, the second American astronaut to fly in orbital space. He made the fourth Mercury flight in Aurora 7, circling the Earth three more times. He was a participant in two Sealab experiments and lived undersea for extended periods of time. Carpenter is the only person to have explored both inner and outer space. Carpenter was instrumental in the …

  • Colorado, USA; astronaut (Mercury 7 - Aurora 7).

  • Génelard Politician

  • Scholar and academic from Bangladesh (d. 2014).

  • American journalist and broadcasting executive. He was once married and had four children. Goodman passed away on the 2nd of July 2012.

  • American playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner May 1961 for "All The Way Home", a Broadway adaptation James Agee's novel "A Death in the Family". From 1953 to 1961, he was a television writer who brought drama into American homes with 17 original plays that were at least an hour long.

  • France Actor

  • Glasgow EXecutives

  • Canadian politician and scholar

  • French academic who is well-known for his research on mythology, symbolic anthropology, and imaginary.

  • president (Flemish Iron Pilgrimage committee).

  • English large landowner / multi-millionaire

  • Romanian journalist and author (d. 1991).

  • American pole vaulter and jumper (d.2012)

1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910

  • Danielle Darrieux

    French actress and actress. She was a star on screen since 1930. She was an entertainer during World War II and was placed on the French Resistance executions list. After the war, her name was cleared. She was a beauty of international fame, appearing in "Coco" on stage in 1970.

  • French composer, pianist, singer, and jazz trumpeter.

  • France Actor

  • Author / actor (Amsterdam Affair).

  • Glenn Ford

    Canadian-American actor. He starred in more than 200 movies between 1987 and 1987 than any other actor. His long list of westerns included "The Adventures of Martin Eden", 1942, "Blackboard Jungle," 55 and "The Rounders," 1965. He starred in "Cade's Country" a TV series during the 1970s.

  • France Military man

  • Entertainer

  • Scranton, Pennsylvania -- Urbanologist

  • Scranton, Pennsylvania -- Urbanologist

  • English-Canadian poet, playwright, and educator (b. 1998)


1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on May 1st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900

  • American mathematician (d. 1992).

  • Italian journalist and author (d.68)

  • Italian cartoonist, humorist and journalist Don Camillo is his most well-known creation. Fernandel, a French comic actor, starred in several successful French-language films that featured the character.

  • Vouziers Writer

  • Italian Author (Fontamara Pane e vino), Dies at 78

  • Polish poet writer, art theoretician, and memorialist (d. 1967).

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